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About Us

We are an applied AI driven research company with deep expertise in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. We believe in solving real world business problems using AI based algorithms and making business processes simple and intuitive.

We use our IPs/products for quick turn-around and immediate business impact. We have a suite of offerings in the area of natural language Q&A, crisp summaries and intuitive FAQs, solving business problems in the Legal, HR, Customer Service and Finance domain. The product offerings at Zeon AI cater to Insurance, Banking, Healthcare, Utility, Education and various other sectors.

Product & Services

DeepDelve - Intelligent Q&A and Summary

State of the art Question & Answering and summarization solution for precise and contextual answers based on your enterprise documents and questions in natural language.

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IntelliFAQ - Contextual FAQs and Search

Transform your customer's experience with our FAQ search solution by providing the right answers based on the context of the question rather than the key words in the question.

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AI/ML Consulting & Custom Solutions

We have deep expertise in assessing AI/ML use cases and tailoring solutions to suit your Organization's needs. We specialize in NLP and Vision business problems using cutting edge algorithms.

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Legal Services

Upload all your case documents and find answers to your case related key questions in the judgements, case laws, evidences and other reference documents. Also obtain crisp summaries of judgements and other legal documents.

Human Resources

Are your employees still using a folder structure to look for the HR policy documents, then read through them to look for simple information like a leave policy? DeepDelve will transform this experience for employees and HR department with a simple google-like search with exact answers.

Customer Service

One of the biggest challenges that agents face during a live customer interaction is to find the right information from an ocean of SOP and solution documents. Our DeepDelve offering will point them to the right answer from the right section of the right document.

Banking & Insurance

Are your customer's queries regarding policies and processes being addressed? Is your FAQ section not able to help your customers as intended? Our solution can help your internal employees and external customers with an intuitive experience.


Getting patient's specific details from electronic health records could be a cumbersome task for HCPs. For a Patient, getting the details regarding healthcare policies may not be simple either. Our suite of offerings can solve the problems of both sides very effectively and efficiently.

Other Industries

Our offerings can be custmoized to fit the needs of any industry and solve the basic problem of finding the exact answer from heaps of textual data lying all over the enterprise. This will empower the enterprises by having access to information from thousands of documents.


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Let us tailor a service solution that meets your needs. Tell us a little about your business, and we will get back to you with some suggestions.

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